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Aesop Rock


Aesop Rock -Fryerstarter. Song + Lyrics.

Let me put you up on Bob’s donuts
Controller of the warm deep fryer that charms cobras
Mostly it was aggravated ulcers over goat’s legs
Will they go for maple, custard, buttermilk or wolfs bane?
Hm, late after your cinderella pulsate and crash I was rotating casts
Picture if you will a witching hour on week night in the trenches
Where paranoia dead-ends in a bright florescent heaven
With sprinkles
I know right yum
Whether tummy ache or fever
Keep the funnel cake I’m honey glaze in vitro
In the company of similar believers
Sleepless, who hear the walls breath and foam at the facial features
Now the yeast, a phoenix in the partially hydrogenated
Equal parts flower, faith, healing
Might replace your previously nominated jesus
But only if you privy to the following secret of all secrets

Shh, every night at 12 they would march out from the back
With a tray of raw dough for the pool of hot fat
Show up around 1 never get your god back
If you’re just tuning in, walk into the light

I boil oil too, not for scarfing
For CCs of japanese innovation that screech into free parking
Purple heart and 2nd chin that beseech him to squeeze the carbs into the motherboard
You can chew the eucharist in cruller form
Locally a seedy danish underworld is bustling where jelly’s not a celebrated it’s a puppet string
Pluck, nose for canola
5 cow stomachs like a mime with a rope going nowhere
Fast, right hand of god on my shoulder, crows feet swollen, dopey
Combing apple fritters over with folk of opposing cultures
Baby sitter cop thief reverend, body glitter, botched c-section, bronze teeth
Each progressively more sequestered
Yet if threatened will defend the rasin bread as codefendants
Some lose religion or view it as superstition
You can tell a friend if you are down to kill them

Shh, every night at 12 they would march out from the back
With a tray of raw dough for the pool of hot fat
Show up around 1 never get your god back
If you’re just tuning in, walk into the light

The fat boys are back, foam fingers over open arms
To feverishly reclaim their stomachs from golden jars
And stagger through the pulse of the gulch on a builder’s dividends
Hiding high behind his guilty powdered-sugar fingerprints
Seething eventide fever, sidewalk feeling a little dicey
I’m snake-eye straight to the cakes icing
Might, fortune-teller up your favorite paper tiger stripe
Great, grace invaders, the first-name basis patron haters
Who compromise the pilot lights and flavors
Silent night, holy night, invite the pious out the pagan
Midnight kitchen doors un-caging the enablers like butchers in bloody aprons
Can I get a fucking amen?
AMEN, hazelnut raiders of the lost, navigate consecutive pastries like stations of the cross
No name no dayjob
Know the folk where it virgin mary toast by the loaf
Thanks bob

Shh, every night at 12 they would march out from the back
With a tray of raw dough for the pool of hot fat
Show up around 1 never get your god back
If you’re just tuning in, walk into the light 

Schoolboy Q - There He Go (Official Video)

A$AP MOB - Bath Salt Feat. Flatbush Zombies.

Well two major leaks got to hit the Internet today. The one I will not be posting, is the first single from Rick Ross’s newest album; as it just a re-hash of a song featuring his MMG cohorts. The one I am posting is possibly the last leak Nas will deliver, to promote, which has become one of the most anticipated albums in recent memory- the already controversial, already headline making: “Life Is Good”. 

Off a head nodding instrumental from NO I.D, Nasir reunites with Large Professor (Nas first appearance was on “Live at The BBQ” on Main Source’s classic “Breaking Atoms” LP; Large Professor is one of the members of Main Source) to create a jam for his people “stuck in the 90’s”. The album is only a few weeks away from the ears of many, who wish to listen, dissect; and hopefully appreciate it.

While we may never get another Outkast album, I can count on Big Boi to actually release new material. For the first leak from his next release “Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors” the Atlanta legend brings in some legends from Houston, and a potential legend from Mississippi.

The group continues to come up with originality for their music videos. While everyone will sit for almost ten minutes to watch a label, hammer the idea that they are successful, I rather watch this video on loop. This is fun, creative, and dope.

I was waiting for the explicit verison to hit the web already. The chemistry from Nas, and Rick Ross, is apparent just as much here, as on the last record the two collaborated on: the stand out “Triple Beam Dreams” from Ross’s “Forever Rich” mixtape. July 17th is coming closer, and closer. It truly seems that Nas is set to release, a monster of an album.  

Download the track HERE.

I can always count on Freddie Gibbs to come through, and deliver some good music. It has been a while since we have heard anything from the collaboration between Gibbs and Detroit producer Madlib. Their first release “Thuggin” was gold on the blogosphere; this is a more smooth out joint, but does not disappoint lyrically, or from behind the boards. 

You can head over to the official Stones Throw site, to purchase the vinyl. The vinyl, or EP if you just want it for your iPod, features new tracks by MadGibbs, and the instrumentals for them. 

We as fans always wonder what our favorite artist are doing in-between albums. As years go by between releases, fans pretty much harass the artist in wanting new material. We know they live their own lives, and with life, setbacks, and other complications come in. Brother Ali is an artist who I highly respect, not only as a MC, but as a human being. His music has always been legitimate in terms of emotions, and impact. With the release of the album artwork for his collaboration album with producer Jake One “Mourning in America, Dreaming in Color” we also get the first glimpse of the work the two have been crafting.

On “Stop The Press” Ali gives us happiness, guilt, sadness, and determination. The lesser emotions are ones that I personally go to Ali’s music to get through; the higher ones are the emotions that come to me by listening to his words. It is a compelling track, and one that makes the fanboy inside me leap with joy, and glee. The album releases on August 12th. If you want a free download of the track, just hit up the Fifth Element website to pre-order the album.

“It sounds like a cliché, don’t it”? Yes, it does. Living in the Bronx, I know all too well what Brooklyn MCPack FM inspiration comes from. While it is illegal for cabs to refuse service to anyone, regardless where you have to go in NYC; I bet you can pick any random person in New York, and they will tell you stories about trying to get cabs home at late hours of the night. Whether you are wanting to go home from a party in a borough you do not regularly visit, or one of those nights where you have had one- or three- too many, and you do not want to get on the train, for fear you are either: going to get jumped, or fall asleep and miss your stop. Trust me, i got stories about that one.

This new track will be featured on Featured Material v.4, featuring new tracks, remixes, and other goodies for long time- and hopefully new- Pack FM fans.